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Line of Waterproof Cementitious Coatings which make up multilayer and/or multiproduct Waterproof Systems, ecologic and long lasting, that when joined monolitically to the cement-base porous surface, they can withstand constant immersion being exposed to hydrostatic pressures, possitive and negative.

RETEX Waterproofers offer non-toxic and non-pollutant systems for applications in foundations, cisterns, treatment plants, pools, cellars, fountains, plant stands, bathroom shelves, retaining walls, tunnels, roof gardens, flat roofs with bricks, etc.

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Waterproof Base Coat

Waterproof Cementitous Coat that penetrates into the porosity of the substrate, sealing and waterproofing the surface against damp and direct water pressure.

Due to the penetration into the concrete, mortar and masonry pores, SELLOTEX avoids water filtration and undesirable damp and niter on the surface. Due to the monolithic joining of SELLOTEX to the substate, it can withstand hydrostatic pressures, positive and negative.

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